Squadhelp has a huge marketplace of creative business names for you to explore. There are short names, catchy names, and premium ones too. They also have a cool feature which allows you to start a contest, and have members of the community pitch names to you. If you select one of their submissions, they’ll win a cash prize. If you’re open to collaboration, you’ll probably find this feature quite useful. It’s completely optional though

You’re free to explore the marketplace on your own and see if something catches your eye. There’s a ton of names to sort through though (75,000+). That’s probably why the naming contest is so popular amongst business owners. You provide some general info about your company, and the style of name you’re looking for, and sit back while the submissions roll in. Pretty innovative approach to buying a domain!

When you purchase a name from Squadhelp, you’ll receive a logo too. That’s a nice little added bonus.

If you’re curious to learn more about Squadhelp, and perhaps start a contest of your own, click here.