Sedo is an excellent source of premium domain names. They have names for virtually any business type. As of today there are 16,000,000+ domains in the Sedo marketplace(whoa!), but if you’d like to narrow down your search to only the most premium ones, we suggest going directly to the Top Names section.

There are more than 300 Top Names, ranging in price from $5,000 to $2,000,000 USD. Some of these domains are set to offers only, meaning you’ll need to make an offer and enter a negotiation with the seller. Some have a Buy It Now price meaning you can purchase it immediately without negotiation. Obviously Buy It Now is the easiest and most convenient option however sometimes, for the ultra premium names, there’s no way to avoid negotiation.

Once you’ve decided on your name, and either used the BIN option or successfully negotiated a price with the seller, you’ll have a few options as far as payment. These include PayPal, credit card, and wire transfer.

There is an escrow period during which funds are verified and the domain is transferred. The duration of this escrow period depends on various factors such as domain value and domain registrar, etc. It can take hours or days for the transaction to complete. We’ve never had any issues buying via Sedo, and we’ve been a member since 2010.

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